Running since 1998


Sam Alexander and his wife, Carol Alexander, founded GovTeen, Inc in 1998. Sam had paid for all the domains of the network projects and vBulletin license expenses. Unfortunately, on March 23, 2007, Sam passed away. Currently, The GovTeen Network is run by a small group of teens.


Who may participate?

Teenagers (under 20) or group with at least one person under the age of 20. Participation is open to any nationality.

Who may not participate?

Individuals or groups whose main purpose is religious or political.Individuals over age 19 at project start. Individuals or groups who discriminate or who promote other forms of hate.

Participation by GovTeen

In order to promote the greatest degree of creativity and freedom of expression, GovTeen Network is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the web sites. Operation of the web site is the responsibility of the participating individual or group. Operation must be conducted to maintain qualifications.

Who owns the domains?

GovTeen Network. owns the domain names. The purpose of maintaining ownership of domain names is to provide a means to allow each web site to be passed on to new participants when current participants leave the project.

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Driven by volunteers

How long do projects last?

Projects (web site operation) may continue as long as there are qualifying participants involved.


Participants must meet the following general qualifications:

  • Demonstrate the ability to obtain server hosting for the domain.
  • Provide opportunities for participation by other teens.
  • Agree to turn over the entire web site to succeeding participants for continued operation should they decide not to continue participation.
  • Agree to provide complete backup of the web site (zip file) at least once per month to ensure continuation of the web site by themselves or the next participating individual or group.
  • At least one participant must be under age 20 at project start or if a group must include at least one person under the age of 20 at project start.
  • Must not discriminate.
  • Operate the web site as a nonprofit activity within the law.
  • Must report donations and gifts in-kind to remain nonprofit.
  • Maintain contact with GovTeen Network at least once per month.

How to apply

If you are interested in starting your own site, or having your site join our network, please contact us today!

The GovTeen Network reserves the right to request proof of age of participants.

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Online Communities

Active Projects

providing educational information for boy young boys and girls about puberty, health issues, mental issues, and drug issues

our longest running online communities of teens and young adults discussing all topics from A to Z

started as a project to help mentally ill teens, it has since expanded to include many other topics

Inactive Projects

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